KOALA Kickball Website Design



A slick, responsive, and vertical design, the KOALA Kickball website serves as the primary customer touch-point and sales-generation center for the startup. The minimalist site is complete with online ordering and customer registration form.

Online Sales with PayPal

Calendar & Scheduling

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging with WordPress

Google Form

Traffic Analytics

Social Media Integration

Beyond the tireless dedication that I received on developing strong marketing strategies or piece-by-piece website creation, I paid for consummate professionalism, and, quite frankly, it was the best business decision my company has yet made.

Rene Medina

Cofounder and President, KOALA Kickball

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Designed for Selling

The homepage is designed to turn leads and close sales.

This state of the art website features a fullscreen, responsive slider perfect for showing off high resolution content.

A website should be as dynamic as the company it represents. Galleries are connected with social media accounts on the backend for simple, automatic content syncing. Updating the look of this homepage is as easy as uploading new images to a social media page.

After highlighting the full sales pitch and value proposition, the page is capped with a clear call-to-action pointing visitors to the online registration form. Inside, the form is built on the user-friendly Google platform while the payment gateway is powered by PayPal, the leader in online payments.

See the full site in action.